P4A and otras cosas

So first, about P4A:

Yesterday and the day before really made me feel united with the Nerdfighting community. It was fun watching Hank deploy his Nerd armies (and leggies) to go spam a video. Mine got spammed!! It was fantastic. I swear I don’t care about the comments or views or whatever. If you want to know, out of the over-2200 comments I got, I got three new subscribers. So if you’re gonna beef about me whoring myself out, camouflaged as a breast cancer charity… um, don’t :p

My real point of talking about P4A is the fact that no one donated… that was the entire reason I was so excited about all the comments and honors and whatnot.

Anyway, I’m going to my friend’s house to watch Hercules! HUZZAH!!


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