Double Life

I really wish my “real life” and my “internet life” would stop being so separate. I can only live one life at a time, so it gets a little confusing. I was hanging out with IRL high school friends this evening, and was missing my Christmas party with Gabby, Kayley, and Emily. Gabby called and said she wanted to meet them, so, after many many many many many strange looks, I went and grabbed my laptop. I got on Skype and tokbox, and basically passed my friends around to my friends. It was a slightly convoluted idea. I think it was weirdest for them because they’re so unfamiliar with things like video-chatting, something I do almost every day. I realized how much I take things like that for granted.

The internet opens up doors to so many relationships, and these new opportunities are still pretty new, so no one is sure how to deal with them. I’m doing the best I can by talking to them on Skype, YouTube, the phone, tokbox… but they all pale in comparison to physical person. We all live in places that are so far from each other, and I just am not sure how to handle it.

I also wish I could nix the looks I get when I have to tell someone I know people through “the internet”. I haven’t come up with a good synonym that doesn’t sound as [insert adjective here].

Anyway, I missed the Christmas party, so I’m going to bed. Hopefully, we’ll have another, and we can sing carols, and make cookies, and listen to Christmas music, and wear Santa hats, and sit by the fire. It will be wonderful. I miss you girls.


One thought on “Double Life

  1. I feel ya. Seriously, I feel like the two lives I lead are completely and utterly separate. I don’t tell my irl friends I make videos and kind of hope they never find them. Some of my irl friends love skype, but they use it to talk to one or two friends who live far away…not an epic chat that has gone on for months. And they have no idea what tokbox is. I totally feel your pain. What are we going to do about this? And….I want to go to that Christmas Party.

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