Oh. Crap.

Right, so I’m back at school. Before I got out for winter break, I was like, “Yeah! I’ve got a month and a half off! I’m TOTALLY going to make a bazillion videos so I’ll have stuff to post when I get back to school”



I do still have to make my real Annitubery video (complete with bad vloggage), and I can still make my Christmas video if I don’t wait too long… and then it’s just a choice of whether I want to use footage from like 6 months ago or not. How desperate will I get? WE’LL SEE.

I’m sure you all love these posts. They’re SO ORIGINAL. It’s personally a pet peeve of mine when vloggers make videos solely about how they’ve been sooooo busy, and haven’t had ANY ideas, yadda yadda. I guess I’m making an exception because this is a blog. And I don’t think anyone really reads this.

Let’s spice this up. How about a picture?

Okay, okay, so I stole these from Kayley. I don’t know why it’s just showing Kayley in the first one (not like I’m complainin’ :p) Just click it to see the whole thing.

This past Sunday, I went and hung out with Kristina and Kayley at the most hoppin’ place in the city: THE AIRPORT. Hell yeah.

Anywho, I have to run to the campus bookstore. Should be fun.



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