The Name Meme

Type your name into Google with the verb that comes after in the question. Answer with your favorites from the first page of google results. Have fun!

Q: Type in “[your name] needs” in the Google search.
A: “Morgan needs to be in control of people and situations. In some of the legends, Morgan is said to have been a mistress of Merlin.”

Q: Type in “[your name] looks like” in Google search.
A: “morgan looks like a ghost cheerleader”
“since Morgan looks like a receptive Mutant, they mean to teach her to be civilized so that knowledge won’t die with them”
“Morgan looks like a steal”

Q: Type in “[your name] says” in Google search.
A: “Morgan Says Oprah’s His (her) Ex”
“Morgan says ‘No Thanks’ ”

Q: Type in “[your name] wants” in Google search.
A: “Morgan Wants All the ‘Good Things’ ”
“Morgan wants to father waitress’ babies”

Q:Type in “[your name] does” in Google search.
“Morgan Does “Men’s Work” | Girls Can’t WHAT?”
“Morgan does it all at City finals”
“Morgan does Georgia proud”

Q: Type in “[your name] hates” in Google search.
A: “Morgan Hates The Weather” (HA)
“Morgan Hates Jimmy Fallon Just As Much As You Do”
“Morgan Hates Statisticians and All They Do”
“Morgan Hates Black People”
“Morgan hates Steve McClaren”
(Morgans are apparently very hateful people!)

Q: Type in “[your name] asks” in Google search.
A: eh. none of them were very good.

Q: Type in “[your name] likes ” in Google search.
A: Oh MY!! First result (please note what category it’s in)
“Morgan Likes When Jose Reyes Runs Around The Bases After A Homerun”

Q: Type in “[your name] eats ” in Google search.
A: “Morgan eats cheetos
“Morgan eats like a man”
“Morgan Eats Bear”
“Morgan eats less but takes care of slump”
“morgan eats monsters”
“Morgan eats dirt”
and last but not least:
“Morgan eats up the stair drops” (umwut?)
(Apparently, Morgans also eat lots of interesting things)

Q: Type in “[your name] wears ” in Google search.
A: “Morgan wears high waisted denim shorts”
“Morgan Wears a $10000 Dress”
“yaaa who gives a fuck what color jeans morgan wears?” ME, okay??

Q: Type in “[your name] was arrested for” in Google Search.
A: “In 1996, in an argument after attending a party, Morgan was arrested for beating Quine, and according to the police report, she had ‘a red, swollen left …”
“Morgan was arrested for refusing to move to the “colored only” section of a public transportation vehicle that was traveling between states”
“Morgan was arrested for violating a treaty between England and Spain”
“Morgan was arrested for stealing clothes from other workers and sentenced to 12 years in prison”
(Same guy from quote one of this section) “Morgan was arrested for beating up his wife”

Q: Type in “[your name] loves” in Google Search.
A. “Morgan loves Obama!”
“Morgan loves sitting in laps, giving hugs”


2 thoughts on “The Name Meme

  1. “Morgan hates Steve McClaren”

    Haha trust me, if you were English and a football (soccer) fan that would be very very true!

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