Hey, all!
I haven’t posted in almost three weeks! This is deplorable behavior!
I’ve been watching a lot of livelavalive lately, so this video is pretty inspired by him (and communitychannel). I really enjoyed making it. I haven’t taken this long to edit a video in a LONG TIME. It was a lot of fun to film and edit. I hope you all like it because I’d love to do another video like this. I don’t take advantage of all that iMovie has to offer very often, so that was nice.

I’ve missed posting on my main channel. But if you miss me, I can always be found every other day on magpral, a Brotherhood 2.0-inspired project I’m doing with my friend, Gabby.

I have a lot of work to get done today, so I should go. But I hope you all liked this. The Kanye part is definitely my favorite. I hope people stick around for it.


And yeah, I do have a cold.


I started that roll of toilet paper like 18 hours ago. It’s a little ridiculous.

Hope all’s well! How’s your weekend going?

xx Morgan


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