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I just saw a great production of Twelfth Night: or What You Will. The workshops here are so much better, normally, than the mainstage shows. See, we have two mainstage shows every quarter: one adult show, and one kids show. Then, there are four or five workshop productions, which are performed in the Theatre School. They’re done in our classrooms, so they’re intimate, and the budget is (much, MUCH) lower… So much is added by the proximity to the actors, and the productions are generally so bare-bones, that it’s really all about the acting. These sentences aren’t really coming out the way I want them to. Anyway, I love my school, and I can’t wait to be in a show.

I can’t really concentrate. I thought I was going to sit down and just blog for a bit, but my roommate is watching the television at an undesirable volume, so this blog post is ending prematurely.



Oh, melodrama.


2 thoughts on “A Blog Post


    Oh, and you should totally upload a video of one of the plays on YT. Even though I don’t watch videos on there anymore, I’d totally make an exception.

  2. I love watching a well made, minimalist, acting-centric piece. Movies like “Alphaville” or “Dogville” really get your imagination going to fill in the blanks and, consequently, get you more involved with the experience. I saw a small production of “Groucho” some years back that was really great despite their limited means. A little later the same theatre did “The Music Man” and it was stupendous.

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