The Internet is Boring

Yeah, okay, so I’m writing another blog post within fifteen seconds of posting the last one. Get over it.

The Internet

I don’t really know what it is, but the Internet has been so boring lately. Also, I’ve completely lost the urge to get on Skype or iChat or Neopets or iminlikewithyou or anything.

It’s very strange: I still open the computer as often as ever, but then I never know what to do. I can only check Gmail, facebook, and YouTube so many times. So I sit, listlessly, wondering what it is that I ever found so entertaining.

I’ve slowly been getting rid of things that tie me to the Internet, things that don’t make sense to me anymore. I got rid of TwitterFox a while ago. I realized that lookbook doesn’t make sense to me anymore, so I deleted all my looks, and I’m only a fan of my friends. Things like that.

And this is really the best time this could have happened to me; I am solely here to go to school and not get cut from the program. I’m not here to procrastinate and not do my work.

Seems like, lately, everyone has been less attracted to the Internet. Where do you stand on the issue?


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