Most Ridiculous Day


At my school, we have a crew for a show every quarter. Mine for this quarter is house for Alice in Wonderland. There are six ushers, including myself; two on bus duty, two on tickets, two on the main floor to seat the school groups, and one on the mezzanine to seat people. This is barely enough.

So here are the facts:

  • we had a sold-out house today of 900 students
  • one of our ushers was MIA today and we still don’t know why
  • I had to take over her position without any notice, so I got a talking-to later about how I didn’t know what I was doing
  • we started 25 minutes late
  • there was a diabetic incident
  • a nose bleed
  • a kid vomited in the mez and came close to getting it on the people below
  • the buses took 45 minutes to get everyone out
  • everyone, that is, except for the group whose bus got in an accident with a taxi outside
  • that group was still there when we left, and we’re supposed to be the last people to leave

Honestly, I was expecting someone to die of a heart attack and then the theatre would burn down.


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