A Protest


It got really warm – I think the warmest it got was 63 – a few weeks ago for several days. Then the temperature slowly dropped, and not it has been hanging around 25 for two or three weeks. It wasn’t until today that I was even remotely properly dressed for the weather. I have been dressing as if the weather is warmer out of protest. Or, rather, because I think I can fool the weather into thinking, “Oh, that girl is only wearing one jacket. I should probably warm up”.

Do you do this? Am I crazy?

You don’t have to answer the second question.


One thought on “A Protest

  1. I heard a comedian once say that we, the Irish, don’t dress for the weather, we wear what we think the weather should conform to and then stare up at the rain as if it was defying us.

    Personally, I have built a snowman while wearing a t-shirt…but then again it doesn’t get as cold here as it does there.

    Second question: Nah! But try not to complain about the cold while dressed in a mini, THAT’S crazy!

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