I can feel school’s hands grabbing the tails of my life’s coat, and slowly dragging me down into the sea of emersion. Prepare not to see me for a while. You are quite likely to keep seeing me here. But as for videos, I am not so sure. This is my last definite term at my school because of the way my school is. I really hope to be back next year. I really like it here. It’s perfect. But damn, dealing with that uncertainty is so hard.

I always regret the first couple weeks of the quarter; school hasn’t taken over my life just yet, so I’m able to talk on the phone, to hang out with friends, host Easter dinners, make food, make art… But then school takes over my life, and all that stuff is taken away from me. I mostly feel bad for my family and my friends who don’t go here because they don’t understand; I am suddenly available for two weeks to talk to them on the phone and whatnot, and then I completely disappear. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Let’s think happy thoughts! It’s going to be in the 50’s soon! Huzzah!



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