A lot of people have gotten pretty riled up about all the changes on YouTube lately. I got my chance to be upset about it pretty early in the game, and now I’m kind of over it. I’m still waiting to actually see how the changes will play out in terms of the community; will it keep growing? Will people keep coming back? Will I care enough to go and pick up the promotional slack where YouTube will be lacking now? “Probably not” is the answer to all of those. I’m glad that everyone liked my video, and that I helped get the word out, but I’m not really upset about it anymore.


I’m also glad I wasn’t all too “rah rah siss boom bah” about dailymotion (EDIT: though, somehow my Gavel to the Heart video has over 600 views! When did that happen??). See, my plans for what’s next are moving at a snail’s pace because I’m so busy here, so I didn’t extensively check out dailymotion before I joined and told people to go subscribe. As it turns out, dailymotion is actually quite ahead of YouTube, and is basically the site that YouTube is trying to become. So I think it’s pretty hilarious that I thought I was going to move to that one. It’s definitely a cool site. It has some great features, and I’ll probably cross-post my videos over there, but it is not the “savior” I thought it was going to be.

I still want to do this other project that doesn’t have anything to do with internet browsers at all, but it’s such different territory that it’s going to take me a while.

ky derby

The Derby festivities kicked off last night, and I am missing them for the second year in a row :(


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