Unresearched Opinion

As the title states, I am not an expert on the swine flu, but I have been hearing about it like anybody, and here is my take:

I keep hearing people say that we’re overreacting. A friend of mine thinks it’s stupid how the world can get in a tizzy about one obscure way to die, while no one cares about someone dying from, say, being decapitated by an elevator.

The point she is missing, though, is that elevator decapitation isn’t an impending pandemic (possibly). Elevator decapitation isn’t contagious.

That aside, maybe we’ll wash our hands more often, but other than that, we can’t do much else. We must wait for the people in labcoats to say they have some cure.

My whole point with this is that we should care.



One thought on “Unresearched Opinion

  1. I do think many people are overreacting. But I’m not sure, because I’m not positive how bad it’s going to get. People are working to find a cure, but if that boy who first got it lived through it, and it just passed over time, I’m not sure how bad it truly can be. I suppose it could be a pandemic, but the normal influenza is an epidemic during flu season, and we seem to survive. That said, it does have worse, life-threatening symptoms, so it does deserve more weight. I guess I should be more worried because men are supposedly three times more likely to catch swine flu.

    I’m not an expert either, though, so I really don’t know. I should cross epidemiologist off of my list of future careers.

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