When I Was Your Age…

As I get older, I add more and more items to my “I’m going to tell this to young people when I get older” list. Here are a few:

When I was your age, there were NINE planets

When I was little, the word program was a blue screen with white text. And to open programs, we had to type in commands like C://… I don’t even remember

I didn’t get my first cell phone until the SEVENTH GRADE! And that was early for my age!

We didn’t have internet when I was little


Back in my day, television stopped at 11 PM and started around 7 AM

When I was your age, people thought global warming wasn’t real!

Back in my day, if we wanted to watch a movie at home, we had to go rent one from a movie rental place

I remember when the Compact Disc and the Digital Video Disk came around! Before that, we had these strange contraptions called TAPES, and if we wanted to watch a certain part, we had to fast-forward and rewind the tape. That’s where the term “rewind” comes from, anyway!

Way back, people used to learn about current world events from these things called “newspapers”. They were delivered to your door every morning.

I remember when texting was invented!

When I was young, we took pictures on cameras that used this wonderful thing called FILM, and we couldn’t see our pictures right after we took them; we had to drop them off at a special place that would develop the film, and give the pictures back to us… on PAPER

I know there are a lot of good ones I’m forgetting. Chances are, there will be a sequel to this. What are you looking forward to telling your kids/grandkids/unwilling young people about when you get older?


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