Sick of moving


How many times have I relocated/moved since September 2007?


As of tomorrow, EIGHT.

O, let me count the ways:


1. Home to dorm at Marymount Manhattan College in New York. Stay: four months

2. Dorm to home. Stay: three months

3. Home to sublet in New York. Stay: one month

4. Sublet #1 to sublet #2. Stay: one and a half months

5. Sublet #2 to home. Stay: four months

6. Home to campus-hosted townhome at college. Stay: three months

7. Townhome to campus apartment. Stay: five months (this is the longest I’ve stayed in one place in the last one and a half years. Five. Months.)

8. Apartment to home. Stay: indefinite

Each of those times, I moved. Can you imagine moving the majority of your personal possessions, on average, once every two to three months? Several of those times by yourself. Try that in New York City, where, to get your things, you have to take two trains and walk fifteen minutes, then walk back with heavy, awkward objects, and lug them crosstown, all by yourself.

Okay, now I’m just complaining.

My point is: I am so ready to be able to settle down someplace. I can’t wait to get my own apartment, put some stuff on the walls, and buy some Goo Gone.


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