My friend, Frances, was just told me I never update and I felt bad. So here’s a post!

I’m sitting on my friend’s futon with three of my friends. We’re having a craft day. I’m designing a website, my friend is building furniture, and Frances is blogging!

I mentioned Frances’s blog on twitter the other day. She has scoliosis and finally found some treatment that is hopefully going to yield some results! It’s really cool to read, and you all should check it out.

This is Aaron. He is pretty much my brother. He is using a baby hammer.

Photo 588

He wants to be your sledgehammer

I should probably get back to crafting. I’ll do an actual post soon! PROMISE.


2 thoughts on “Crafts

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I take a long time to post, too – clearly. I’m just catching up tonight! yikes!

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