My Yard

Highlights from today’s episode of My Yard, the new reality television series based in Morgan’s Front Yard!


Tensions were high today when the bird feeder was empty and no one remembers how they used to find food.

Squirrels from rivalling trees had a loud squabble, complete with chase scene. Then the new guy, Peregrine Falcon, showed up. Uh oh!


Oak Tree Squirrel was upset that Maple Tree Squirrel was on his turf. OTS was never taught street smarts by his mom, though, so he’s on the run.

Everyone quickly abandons the Food Source when Finch farts. Finch, trying to cover it up, said, “could MTS eat any louder? I’m out of here.”

Tune in tonight to find out what every thinks of Peregrine Falcon! (“He’s huge!!”)


My Yard will be on tonight at 8 EST. Tune into the MHB Network and learn about the birds and the bees!.


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