The Battle of Internet Personas

Has anyone else started having this problem?

As I start to move into my career, one where a lot of networking, self-advertisement, and communication happens online, I have gotten flustered more than once about how I am to present myself to the world. More than once, I have considered getting another facebook page or twitter account for my professional life so that keeping them separate won’t be as hard. I keep forgetting that I’m friends with family members and important people in my career when I’m on facebook. I don’t think I have embarrassed or undermined myself just yet, but I am dreading the day when I will. Also, I’ve been deleting things off the internet like crazy, but I’m worried that someone is going to read something or see something and think… something. I can’t say I have too many skeletons in the closet, so I probably shouldn’t worry, but I’m afraid that with just one misstep…

I think keeping my two lives separate would be not only a hassle, but also futile.

I’m cutting it here, but I’d like to hear if you all have had similar problems and frustrations.


*EDIT* For instance: to delete all my tweets, or not delete all my tweets. THOUGHTS???


One thought on “The Battle of Internet Personas

  1. I’ve had this problem… and I’ve thought a lot about deleting my stuff… but than I think about how I used to be that person that maybe hated something for a stupid reason… and I think how far I’ve come…

    Going by my choice, I’d say keep the tweets.

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