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Whose Version?

A YouTube pet peeve of mine is when I post a cover of a song and someone asks me whose “version” I’m doing. I always feel a little insulted as an artist–asking that question makes me think that the person asking thinks I have no artistic voice, and my music is only an echo of someone better.

But it sure sounds pretentious to answer

“Whose version?”





Gavel to the Heart

I wrote this song today or yesterday (I can’t remember). I recorded it with my new microphone, a Samson C01U.

I’m talking with a friend tomorrow, who’s really into film, and we’re going to make a music video! I’m pretty excited about it :)

Check out my MySpace!


Hey, y’all. I’ve been inspired lately to start keeping up more with my MySpace, so you all should friend me so you can keep up with what’s there! There isn’t a whole lot on there right now- I took down a lot of stuff, actually. But I got a new microphone that is waiting for me up at school (I’m on Spring Break), and I’m trying to write some new stuff, so hopefully there will be some new, HIGH QUALITY content on there! I might rerecord some old stuff, as well.

I’ll keep you posted here, anyway, about all that nonsense.



Oh, the microphone saga. It is a painful one.
I got a microphone for Christmas. I ordered it Christmas Day. It arrived January 2, the day I left for college, so I missed it. My mom sent the package up to school, and when I got it, it was broken. There was a big to-do about whose fault it was, but in the end, we were reciprocated by UPS for almost all of it. And it only took nearly three months. Long story short, there is another microphone that will be waiting for me when I return to school from Spring Break. Guess what that means for you, dear people? BETTER QUALITY MUSIC AND WHATNOT! Now if I only had something to record… MENTAL CONSTIPATION!!!!

constipated(and can I please just say that when I searched for “mental constipation” on google images, I got two pictures of Jesus before I got this?)

The Hardest Part (cover)

I feel really good about this cover. I know I say that at the end. By the way: I fully intended on taking out the beginning and end in editing, but the file was small enough that I could upload it without dealing with any of that. I just worked on this today. I’m not sure what drew me to this song.

What I like about me and guitar is that, no matter how many weeks I spend away from it, I always pick up where I left off. I have made so much progress in the last week. I’m really hoping to start learning more technique, but more importantly, I’m really hoping to WRITE SOON. This mental constipation is made of FAIL.

I like this little picture. It looks a little like an album cover to me.


I am on break now, so I hope to make some videos. I have missed entertaining y’all.