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My friend, Frances, was just told me I never update and I felt bad. So here’s a post!

I’m sitting on my friend’s futon with three of my friends. We’re having a craft day. I’m designing a website, my friend is building furniture, and Frances is blogging!

I mentioned Frances’s blog on twitter the other day. She has scoliosis and finally found some treatment that is hopefully going to yield some results! It’s really cool to read, and you all should check it out.

This is Aaron. He is pretty much my brother. He is using a baby hammer.

Photo 588

He wants to be your sledgehammer

I should probably get back to crafting. I’ll do an actual post soon! PROMISE.


I Wonder What My Neighbors Are Thinking

I started off with the brush, and it all went from there.

Whenever I’m singing or playing guitar here, I always wonder if my neighbor, Delbert, is listening because I was belting out a song from Thumbelina the other day, and this note appeared on my door:

I think this song would make a really awesome remix. If you get bored sometime and want to do it, let me know. That’s a weird thing to say, isn’t it.

Weekend videos are the best.


Hey, all!
I haven’t posted in almost three weeks! This is deplorable behavior!
I’ve been watching a lot of livelavalive lately, so this video is pretty inspired by him (and communitychannel). I really enjoyed making it. I haven’t taken this long to edit a video in a LONG TIME. It was a lot of fun to film and edit. I hope you all like it because I’d love to do another video like this. I don’t take advantage of all that iMovie has to offer very often, so that was nice.

I’ve missed posting on my main channel. But if you miss me, I can always be found every other day on magpral, a Brotherhood 2.0-inspired project I’m doing with my friend, Gabby.

I have a lot of work to get done today, so I should go. But I hope you all liked this. The Kanye part is definitely my favorite. I hope people stick around for it.


And yeah, I do have a cold.


I started that roll of toilet paper like 18 hours ago. It’s a little ridiculous.

Hope all’s well! How’s your weekend going?

xx Morgan

Oh. Crap.

Right, so I’m back at school. Before I got out for winter break, I was like, “Yeah! I’ve got a month and a half off! I’m TOTALLY going to make a bazillion videos so I’ll have stuff to post when I get back to school”



I do still have to make my real Annitubery video (complete with bad vloggage), and I can still make my Christmas video if I don’t wait too long… and then it’s just a choice of whether I want to use footage from like 6 months ago or not. How desperate will I get? WE’LL SEE.

I’m sure you all love these posts. They’re SO ORIGINAL. It’s personally a pet peeve of mine when vloggers make videos solely about how they’ve been sooooo busy, and haven’t had ANY ideas, yadda yadda. I guess I’m making an exception because this is a blog. And I don’t think anyone really reads this.

Let’s spice this up. How about a picture?

Okay, okay, so I stole these from Kayley. I don’t know why it’s just showing Kayley in the first one (not like I’m complainin’ :p) Just click it to see the whole thing.

This past Sunday, I went and hung out with Kristina and Kayley at the most hoppin’ place in the city: THE AIRPORT. Hell yeah.

Anywho, I have to run to the campus bookstore. Should be fun.