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Five Months


I still have five months of 2009 left, and yet it feels like the year is already slowly coming to a close. I realized that I have five months only to accomplish my resolution of learning the Thriller dance this year. How appropriate it was that I made that resolution this year. I will now not only be learning it for my own pleasure and party-trickery, but also to honor Michael Jackson. I think it’s safe to say that a video will be made in memoriam for all of you to enjoy.

After having this realization, I thought it would be a good idea to check up on my other resolutions. As a side note, I am so glad I officially made these resolutions this year. I haven’t, that I recall, ever made resolutions that I remembered months later.


Resolution 1: Stop buying things.

Success rate: 15 %. I have certainly been a lot more conscious of money, and I’ve been doing more on the opposite side of this: making money. But I don’t think my spending habits have really changed that much, so I’d say 15% is even a little generous. I’d say I’m at fault here because this resolution is far too general. How do I know when I’ve succeeded?

Resolution 2: Keep a list of all the books I read and all the movies I see.

Uh oh. Success rate: 1%. I really have been trying to do this for several years. I generally have 100% success for the first month, maybe, and then I completely forget. Also, with books, it’s hard because I want to write them down as soon as I start reading them, but then I’m not sure if I’ll finish them so I don’t, and then I completely forget about the whole fandango, period.

Resolution 3: Learn the Thriller dance.

See first paragraph above.

Resolution 4: Start Christmas preparations in November.

Success rate is unknown, as it is not yet November. I will give myself some points, though, because, for the first time on record, I thought about Christmas well in advance. Today, in fact (and before I reviewed these!). So good for me.

Resolution 5: No eating after 9.

I’d say 80% success. I have not been a stickler about it, but I have really stuck to it. You know, I actually forgot this was a resolution, which I’d say is a good sign; it has become part of my lifestyle. And I will have you know I did not eat once after 9 until February or March, which I find bloody impressive.

Resolution 6: Be more active.

Ooh, that is a really hard one to judge. I’d say 100%, which isn’t hard. If I am even a smidgen more active than I was, I would be successful based on the wording here. Also, it’s summer, which is cheating a little. However, I have been playing tennis once a week, and I’ve been doing other nonsense like frisbee and frisbee golf, and generally just running around like a ninny, which is quite a strong point for me. I’d say this is all good news for the activity department.

Resolution 7: Lose weight.

Technically, I should get 100% because I have lost weight several times this year. 8 pounds was my record. My resolution, however, said nothing about keeping it off, though I (obviously) know what I meant. So I’d give myself a 0. At least it’s not a negative 100! I didn’t gain weight! And I have made a hell of a lot of progress in the self-acceptance department.


If anyone reading this is considering making some resolutions for 2010, my advice to you, and to myself, is to be specific. Really think about what exactly you want to see happen. Then think about how. I’d say my biggest shortcoming with these resolutions was a lack of foresight. What exactly is being “more active”? How much weight do I want to lose? How will I know when I succeed? I think we all know the joy of checking items off a to-do list. But if I don’t know when I’m done, I don’t get the satisfaction of making the check.


As a side note about Resolutions:

My friend and I used to keep a notebook that we would write letters to each other in and hand back and forth. I remember she wrote me once toward the end of February and asked what my goals (or she might have even used the word, “resolutions”) for March were. That sparked a huge conversation in my head. Why is it that people feel they only have to set goals for themselves once a year? Aren’t we letting ourselves off pretty easy?

So I say: screw New Years resolutions. Why not biannual resolutions? Seasonal resolutions? Monthly resolutions? Even weekly. Not only are we taking more initiative with our lives and saying we are capable of achieving more than a few resolutions we make December 31, but we are also probably going to have a much higher success rate! When I got back from winter break, my school’s gym was absolutely packed with twenty-somethings, who had all obviously made resolutions related to fitness or weight. But a month later? Back to normal. None of us can function under the weight of a year-long goal. It is far too big for us to be able to envision. So why not break it up into smaller chunks?

So what are your goals for tomorrow? This week? August? It’s a new month! Clean slate!


Happy Christmas & Resolution #4

I think I agree with AnIrrationalRatio. He sent me a message today after I posted the above video:

Wishing someone a happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Eid/Solstice/Tuesday/Birthday/Valentines day/[whatever] is all about the expression of well-being and happiness that you hope or the other person.

You can’t exactly maliciously wish someone a happy Christmas.

So happy Christmas, everyone!

Also, Resolution #4:

Start on Christmas in November.



Anniversary & Resolution #3

All my life, it’s always been my birthday and then Christmas and then New Years. That was always enough celebration for me in one month, but now, I have something new to celebrate: today is my one-year anniversary on everydayuncommon. I want to make a video for it, but let’s be real: it’s Christmas eve, and I’m still working on Christmas presents. I don’t think I’ll have time. Why wasn’t I thinking more when I made this account? :p

I’ve come a looooooong way in that year, I think. I’ll try to put a video together sometime because I want to show you all how bad my first vlogs were. And also thank every one of you. My subscribers rock the house!

Really, though, September 3, 2009 will be my two year anniversary on YouTube itself. And only a chosen few know why. Maybe we’ll get to that later.

Anyway, I need to go eat breakfast and freak out about presents. Hope you all are getting everything done.

Merry Christmas eve, and to those of you who don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re enjoying your days off!! :]




Resolution #3 (I’m really in a bloggy mood lately, but I don’t want to spam you all!!):