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Blogger’s Choice!

So yesterday was the most active this blog has ever been, I think. There’s a little graph that shows me hits for each day, and if I click on the day, it tells me where visitors have been coming from, and what posts have been viewed and whatnot. Anyway, I saw that I had gotten two clicks from bloggerschoiceawards.com! And sure enough, I was nominated! I know I’m not going to win, but that’s awesome. And whoever nominated me: thank you! That’s so awesome!
This was the description they wrote about my blog:

The amazing ramblings of a vegan-food-eating, music-writing, YouTube-vlogging nerdfighter!

“ramblings” certainly is right
I’m nominated for Best Video Blogger, Best Hobby Blog, Best Geek Blog, and Best Blog about Stuff. I made an account so I could “claim” my blog so they know who to contact, if, by some freak accident, I win something, and of course I voted for myself… GEEK WAS RIGHT, TOO. Man, this person was very insightful.

So anyway, if you go to www.bloggerschoiceawards.com and search “everydayuncommon”, it’ll be there, and you can view it in ALL FOUR EXCITING CATEGORIES!

geez, ramble ramble

and here’s today’s magpral


Gavel to the Heart

I wrote this song today or yesterday (I can’t remember). I recorded it with my new microphone, a Samson C01U.

I’m talking with a friend tomorrow, who’s really into film, and we’re going to make a music video! I’m pretty excited about it :)

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The Hardest Part (cover)

I feel really good about this cover. I know I say that at the end. By the way: I fully intended on taking out the beginning and end in editing, but the file was small enough that I could upload it without dealing with any of that. I just worked on this today. I’m not sure what drew me to this song.

What I like about me and guitar is that, no matter how many weeks I spend away from it, I always pick up where I left off. I have made so much progress in the last week. I’m really hoping to start learning more technique, but more importantly, I’m really hoping to WRITE SOON. This mental constipation is made of FAIL.

I like this little picture. It looks a little like an album cover to me.


I am on break now, so I hope to make some videos. I have missed entertaining y’all.


So when people subscribe to everydayuncommon, I thank them. I go to their channel page and leave them a comment that says something like, “Hey, thanks for subscribing! xx Morgan”

And you know what? Every single time, I misspell both”subscribing” and, yes, my own name. No lie. I also misspell everydayuncommon every single time I ever type it. These are probably some of the top 20 words I use that are not “and” or “I” or any of those. How is this possible? Why can I not type those three words? I mean, MY OWN NAME??


French Magibon and Crocodile Rock

I made this at like 12:30 PM today. Certainly one of, if not the earliest magpral videos I’ve ever posted.

Then here’s this:

There was karaoke at this event that happens around Christmas, so my mom and I whipped out some Elton John. Since I know all the words and everything.